Ratan S,

Co-Founder and CEO at

Consulting Group

Some people inspire you even when they are not around, Tony is one of those people for me. Tony is an amazing person, a very knowledgeable professional with extra ordinary public speaking and relation building skill. A star consistently. He took mentoring and coaching me as one of his personal goals. True sign of a Leader.

Andrew P,

President and Executive

Tony sets a very high standard for himself and then sticks to it. He always delivers and he’ll push himself well above the call of duty to get things done. Tony is also a master at motivating his project team to also go above and beyond in order to satisfy the customer. He's an expert in the art of leading by influence.

Melisa C, RHN

Founder of Nutrition Coaching

My first experience with a coaching professional was with Tony Porfilio. Needless to say, he exceeded my expectations. I pursued Tony for business development support for my new venture which eventually shifted to health where Tony guided me on how to balance the two. Prior to working with Tony, I didn’t have a clear understanding of my thought process surrounding my business and the limitations I was putting on myself. After only 3 sessions, I felt significantly more empowered and confident leading me to more open doors. I would definitely recommend Tony to anyone looking for a coach to elevate positive mindset while helping to pave their road to success.

Vanesa S,

Personal Trainer

I was conflicted with my mind and my heart in regards to my career change. My heart was telling me one thing and my mind the complete opposite. I felt I was swimming against the tide. With each session and his ability to tap into my emotions and help me question "the why" of my thoughts, he truly helped me dive deep within me and understand why I was conflicted. With his help, I was able to continue on with the path I wanted to go, set measurable goals for myself and hold myself accountable.


Tony Porfilio

Toronto, ON M9A 4L3


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